Corporate Philosophy

Many innovations are made every day throughout the world. Innovations enrich our lives, but investors’ capital is indispensable to making them happen. History shows that investors (capital) and entrepreneurs (innovation) have almost invariably banded together to tackle common goals during times of major socioeconomic change, be it the Industrial Revolution, the Meiji Restoration, or Japan’s rapid economic growth period after World War II. This collaboration led to business development and served to make people’s lives more affluent.

The life expectancy of human beings will continue to grow in the years to come, and some say that children born in the 21st century will have a life span of 100 years. We share this opinion. With the lengthening time span of human life, the conventional lifestyle of settling down in one’s home and working for one company for a long period of time will undergo major changes. We believe that people will increasingly be freed from rigid patterns of living and that the way people spend their time and money will be much different from how it was in the past.

In these changing times, we are investing in venture businesses and residential real estate. Our corporate philosophy is that our investment activities must enrich people’s lifestyles. We want to be a group that helps businesses and individuals deal with challenges, while we ourselves continue dealing with our own challenges.

Domestic Real Estate Investment

We offer residential properties, film studios, and Airbnb properties primarily in the Sapporo, Tokyo, and Fukuoka areas. Our strong partnerships with construction companies, design houses, and financial institutions enable us to engage in real estate development that focuses on the location and design aspects. Our attractively designed residential properties situated at convenient locations boast higher occupancy ratios than other properties in their neighborhoods, and that many of our film and photo studios are highly regarded as locations for shooting television dramas and fashion magazine photography.

Overseas Real Estate Investment

Venture Capital

We make equity investments in venture businesses, primarily start-ups, from a long-term viewpoint and based on fiduciary relationships with these companies’ management teams. Although we do not limit the industries in which we invest as long as they conform with our investment philosophy, we have been focusing on companies that provide services through smartphones. Our current investments and investment candidates are concentrated in such areas as financial technology, HR recruitment, customer support and equity investment data.

Our venture capital investment record
No. 1 case Toranotech Co., Ltd.

Corporate Summary

Name of firm
Levered Capital Group Inc.
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Domestic and overseas real estate investment,
Venture capital investment
July 2011
Representative Director
Hitoshi Hayakawa


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